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Here 9 wonderful watches in special offer for this Christmas. Feel free to ask for any further information or additional detail you may need.

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IWC Antimagnetic Calatrava, stainless steel snap back case measures 30,5mm. Powered by the Caliber 83, from the early 1930’s. Nice quality dress watch with an amazing looks from a legendary brand. Very early in the production of Cal. 83’s it has a very awesome dial with arabic numerals and blue steel hands. The watch is surprisingly wearable for its size. Overall in very good and proper working conditions, it comes with a s/s bamboo bracelet.

Nicolet Watch 1960 S/S Coaxial Chronograph, all function are operated by the crown. S/S screw Case 36mm. Powered by a Landeron 251 novement. Crown fully in: stop, start and zeroing of chronograph by twisting the crown clock- or counter clockwise. Crown one detent out: winding of the the main spring. Crown in the outmost position: setting the time. Overall in excellent and working condition.

Phillips | The Only Known Vintage White Gold Rolex Daytona Makes Its Auction Debut to Benefit Children Action

This unique watch will headline “The Daytona Ultimatum”, a thematic sale of 32 of the finest Rolex Daytonas ever made. The watch is expected to make in excess of CHF 3 Million. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Children Action. Specialist Arthur Touchot explains the importance of this historic timepiece.


Daytona Ultimatum

Geneva Auction

12 May 2018

Phillips | Paul Newman’s Legendary “Paul Newman” sold for $17.700.000

Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo



The Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239, known as the “Paul Newman” owned by legendary actor Paul Newman sold for $15.5-million, plus buyer’s premium of 12.5%, for a final price of $17,752,500 at a Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo setting a new record for a Rolex sold at auction. It is also the record price for any wristwatch sold at auction, and is considered the most iconic wristwatch of the 20th Century.

The previous record for a Rolex sold at auction was $5-million for a Rolex Ref. 6062, nicknamed the “Bao Dai” because it was owned by the last emperor of Vietnam. Previously the highest price paid for a Rolex Daytona – the most collectible Rolex model – was $3.7-million, set last spring at a Phillips, Bacs & Russo auction. Previously the most expensive wristwatch sold at auction was a Patek Philippe Ref. 1518, for $11-million, also sold by Phillips.

Newman gifted it in 1984 to James Cox, the former boyfriend and now close friend of Paul Newman’s daughter Nell. A portion of the proceeds of tonight’s sale will go to the Nell Newman Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports her father’s philanthropic values, while serving Nell’s commitment to organic foods and sustainable agriculture.

Phillips | WINNING ICONS – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century – New York Auction 26 October 2017


WINNING ICONS – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century

New York Auction 26 October 2017

Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman” Daytona. One of the world’s most precious – and most priceless – timepieces. Ever.

Lot. 8 Ref. 6239 An iconic, highly attractive, and historically important stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with off-white dial and tachymeter bezel. Estimate in excess of $1,000,000.

When an original Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona is offered for sale, collectors take notice. To own one is a dream for so many. This absolutely fresh to the market watch is the “Paul Newman” Daytona after which all others came second. Likely purchased in 1968, Joanne Woodward chose this reference 6239 fitted with an ‘exotic’ dial, as a gift for Paul Newman as his passion for motorsport was just beginning. Throughout his lifetime, Mr. Newman was seen wearing several generations of Daytona models. This is the first and only ‘exotic’ dial Daytona he wore, making it the ultimate Rolex Daytona wristwatch. This wristwatch has been worn by Paul Newman lovingly over the years, but also well preserved by the consignor, James Cox. The case retains its original proportions, lines, and edges, and in our view, has never been polished. The wonderful, “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME” engraving on the case back is perfectly crisp and completely intact.

Likely to have been originally purchased at Tiffany & Co. in New York, an inventory number possibly engraved by the luxury retailer is found on the underside of the left lug. The dial has developed a creamy, warm patina that is consistent with its age. The luminous hour markers have also aged charismatically along with the luminous hands – all completely original and intact. It comes accompanied with a signed letter written by Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman, documenting its provenance and her support of its sale. The Daytona is a model that will forever be associated with Paul Newman, made famous by him thanks to this very timepiece. The present lot therefore presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the most mythical, most important, and most recognizable watches of the 20th century.

It’s now being sold for the first time since leaving the inner circle of the Newman family, nearly 50 years after its purchase by Joanne Woodward. We are thrilled to offer it here, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Nell Newman Foundation and Newman’s Own Foundation, in support of Paul Newman’s philanthropic values. Its impeccable provenance, incredible “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME” engraving from Joanne Woodward, and wonderful original condition make Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman” Daytona one of the world’s most precious – and most priceless – timepieces. Ever.


WINNING ICONS – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century

New York Auction 26 October 2017

In the Shop | The Heuer Autavia Ref. 112.063 PVD Pewter coated

Heuer Autavia Ref. 112.603

Autavia. Un nome legato indissolubilmente ai motori di terra e aria, nato dalla fusione di Automotive e Aviation. Una referenza, la 11063, sinonimo di cronografi votati alle corse.

Molte sono le configurazioni, tutte in acciaio. A partire dagli anni ’70, Heuer, è passata a questa cassa a cushion piu robusta da 42mm e più spesso associata al modello. Uno dei motivi di questo aumento di dimensione era quello di fare più spazio al nuovo movimento, il Calibro 12.

Heuer Autavia Ref. 112.603

Il Cal. 12 prese il posto del precedente Cal. 11 migliorandolo ulteriormente e il risultato fu il movimento che diventerà il riferimento dei cronografi automatici di Heuer.

Questo Autavia è un esemplare dell’ultima generazione, la referenza 112.063. Esordì nella prima metà degli anni ’80 in un gruppo di quattro modelli che utilizzavano la cassa della referenza 11063 ma con quattro diversi rivestimenti applicati con tecnica PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). La 112.063 fu prodotta con rivestimento in Peltro (lega metallica a base di stagno) applicato con tecnica PVD. 

Le altre referenze erano la Ref. 111.063 con cassa rivestita in verde oliva, la Ref. 113.603 nera e la Ref. 114.603 placcata in oro.

La particolarità di questo esemplare è la sua versione con cinturino Nato aggiuntivo che ben si associa ad un impiego militare (anziché corsaiolo) dove il rivestimento in Peltro PVD della cassa la rende anti-riflesso.

In vendita nello shop.

Autavia. An inevitably linked name for earth and air engines, born from the words Automotive and Aviation. A reference, the 11063, synonymous with chronographs voted for racing.

There are many configurations, all in steel. Since the ’70s, Heuer has shifted to this rugged cushion 42 mm case more often associated with the model. One of the reasons for this size increase, was to make room for the new movement Caliber 12.

The Cal. 12 took the place of the previous Cal. 11 improving it further and the result was this masterpiece that will become the landmark of Heuer’s chronographs.

This Autavia is an example of the latest generation, the reference 112.063. Produced in the first half of the 80’s in a group of four models that used the the reference 11063 case but with four different PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings. The 112.063 was made with 42 mm Pewter (Metallic tin-based alloy) PVD coating. 

Other references were Ref. 111.063 with olive-covered case, Ref. 113.603 black and Ref. 114.603 gold plated.

The peculiarity of this specimen is its military (not racing) version with an additional Nato strap that is well associated with the Pewter PVD case coating that makes it anti-reflective.

Now in the shop.

In the Shop | Aquastar Airstar Valjoux 72, Teriam Deep Gauge Divers

New entries from Oredelmondo

Teriam – Deep Gauge Divers
Aquastar – Chronograph Aquastar Airstar Valjoux 72

In the Shop | Heuer Autavia, Hamilton Chrono-matic Count-down

New entries from Oredelmondo

Heuer – Autavia Ref. 15630 Chronograph Cal. 15 automatic
Hamilton – Chrono-matic count-down nos condition with box 1970


Christies’s | Un Rolex Submariner prototipo da record

Questo prototipo Rolex in oro bianco, venduto da Christie’s alla “A Rolex Afternoon” auction a Geneva lo scorso maggio realizzando 628.000 dollari, è tra i Submariner più “costosi” della storia. Si tratta di un prototipo dei  primi anni ’70 di cui sono noti solo tre esemplari (due con quadranti blu e uno con quadrante nero). Questo orologio sprovvisto di seriale è stato in possesso dello stesso collezionista per oltre 30 anni.

La cassa in oro bianco ha una lunetta estremamente particolare con solo due sezioni dentellate contrapposte piuttosto che l’intera circonferenza come si soliti osservare sui Sub standard. Il quadrante è blu con indici e sfere gialle. Altra caratteristica è un bracciale President a corteccia sempre in oro bianco.



Phillips | All’asta il “Paul Newman” di Paul Newman

Quello che potrebbe essere definito l’orologio d’epoca più importante al mondo, sarà battuto da Phillips alla prima asta orologiera a New York il prossimo ottobre. Il Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 con quadrante esotico dello stesso Paul Newman è ora atteso come un Santo Graal da una platea sconfinata di collezionisti. Si prevede un “autunno caldo” nella grande mela.

L’orologio appartiene a James Cox, che ha frequentato la figlia di Newman Nell Potts. La cosa incredibile è che James conobbe Paul Newman a Lime Rock (una pista in Connecticut) quando aveva 13 anni e per i primi mesi di frequentazione con Nell non aveva idea che suo padre fosse in realtà il grande attore.


Nell’estate del 1984, James era a casa Newman a Westport nel Connecticut, quando Paul gli chiese che ora fosse e James: “Non lo so, non ho un orologio”. Allora Paul gli diede il suo Rolex e disse: “Eccoti un orologio. Caricalo regolarmente e andrà molto bene.”

Il resto è storia. Cox ha portato il suo Daytona tutti i giorni fino alla metà degli anni ’90 quando venne a conoscenza del valore del suo “Paul Newman”.

Joanne Woodward

Due anni dopo la morte dell’attore, sua figlia creò la Fondazione Nell Newman e fu il tesoriere di questa fondazione a contattare un noto collezionista della California chiamato Tom Peck per vendere l’orologio. Alcune settimane dopo, niente meno che Aurel Bacs, l’uomo che ha battuto per Phillips i Daytona più famosi al mondo, era in California a vedere l’orologio.

Sul fondello è incisa la frase “Drive Carefullly Me” della moglie di Paul, Joanne Woodward. E per ciò che concerne  l’importanza storica dell’orologio, stiamo a posto…
Come il mercato risponderà a un’asta così importante, non è dato sapere. Si tratta del “Paul Newman” di Paul Newman, l’orologio che fonde due icone in una e le riassume in un oggetto unico e irriproducibile. D’altra parte la storia che lo accompagna non si può riscrivere: è già leggenda…