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Ten incredibly rare one-of-a-kind motor cars lead Bonhams’ inaugural Chantilly Sale

“Bonhams Chantilly sale offers a carefully curated selection of very special motor cars, several of which are unique, whilst others have been produced in very small numbers,” said Philip Kantor, Bonhams European Head of Motoring.

The selection includes a pair of rare Bugattis, one example is one of the last motor cars ever built by the marque, the 1954 Bugatti 101, estimated at €1,500,000-1,800,000. Bugatti originally intended to produce 50 cars, but in the end built only a handful, making it one of the manufacturer’s rarest models. With an asking price of 3.8 million francs in the 1950s, it’s not surprising that the car attracted only the connoisseur. Rarer still, the 101 features a bespoke body by celebrated coachbuilders Antem, making this motor car one-of-a-kind.
The 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet is another rare example. Estimated at €1,300,000-1,600,000, the elegant two/three-seater model was once owned by famous French artist, and known Bugatti enthusiast, André Derain.

Best known as a member of the Fauvist group of painters, André Derain (1880-1954) was one of Bugatti’s best customers and an aficionado of fine sporting cars. He is said to have owned around 14 Bugattis, the Type 57 offered being his last. As the choice of an artist who selected only the very best Bugattis for his collection of mechanical artworks, the Type 57 is highly desirable.

Named later in honour of Cooper-Maserati’s victory in the 1966 Mexican Grand Prix, the Maserati Mexico was unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show. Effectively replacing the six-cylinder four-seater Sebring model, the Mexico was intended for customers who wanted a luxurious four-seater but preferred something more sporting than the larger Quattroporte saloon.
The motorcar offered here however is no mere standard Mexico but a bespoke Frua creation, the most attractive of the three one-offs produced in the longstanding relationship between Maserati and car designer Pietro Frua.
Retaining the general Mexico lines, but more sharply defined, the Frua Mexico in many ways recalls the Quattroporte. Restored to its initial light green paintwork, with original Bordeaux leather, the Mexico won the Best of Show award at the Maserati 100th Anniversary celebrations, and is the quintessential example of Maseratis Grand Touring excellence.
Further rare and one-of-a-kind highlights at Bonhams Chantilly sale include:
  • Lot 23 – 1954 Bugatti 101 by Antem – estimate €1,500,000-1,800,000
  • Lot 11 – 1972 Maserati Boomerang – estimate €3,000,000-4,000,000
  • Lot 17 – 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet by A. D’leteren – estimate €1,300,000-1,600,000
  • Lot 16 – 1968 Maserati Mexico 4.7 litres coupé by Frua – estimate €550,000-750,000
  • Lot 20 – 1951 Lancia Aurelia B52 coupé by Bertone – estimate €175,000-245,000
  • Lot 10 – 1961 OSCA 1600 GT coupé by Touring – estimate €380,000-460,000
  • Lot 19 – 1937 Bentley 4¼-Litre ‘Aerofoil’ Sports Saloon by Gurney Nutting – estimate €300,000-400,000
  • Lot 22 – 1937 Bentley 4¼-Litre Drophead Coupé by James Young – estimate €275,000-350,000
  • Lot 6 – 1959 Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint Coupé Carrosserie Ghia, Aigle – estimate €160,000-220,000
  • Lot 26 – 1996 Aston Martin Sportsman Shooting Brake – estimate €350,000-550,000
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