Bonhams | The Aston Martin Sale

Aston Martin and Lagonda
Motor Cars and Related Automobilia
Saturday 13 May
at 10.30am & 2.30pm
Aston Martin Works Service,
Newport Pagnell

A Sale of Aston Martin and Lagonda Motor Cars and Related Automobilia Saturday 9 May 2015

Aston Martin Catalogue.pdf
Aston Martin Catalogue.pdf

La ricerca del perfetto equilibrio tra scienza e arte è da sempre fonte di ispirazione per Aston Martin, e mai come quest’anno Bonhams è orgogliosa di celebrare il sodalizio con il marchio di Newport Pagnell, la sede storica di Aston Martin, in occasione dei suoi sessant’anni.

La storia di Aston Martin sembra indissolubilmente legata a questo angolo apparentemente sonnolento del Buckinghamshire se non fosse che, nel corso degli ultimi sei decenni, una lunga serie di meravigliose auto sportive siano state prodotte proprio qui. Dalla prima DB4 fino alla Vanquish Ultimate Edition, gli artigiani di Newport Pagnell hanno costruito auto sportive che, oggi, spostano somme considerevoli nelle rare occasioni in cui cambiano padrone.



Il debutto della nuova Lagonda Taraf nello stesso luogo in cui è stata prodotto l’ultima produzione Lagonda, sottolinea il legame tra il brand e la sua casa natale.

La produzione delle sportive moderne ora avviene nella fabbrica di Gaydon, nel Warwickshire, dove i progettisti, ingegneri e artigiani creano la Aston Martin del futuro.

A Newport Pagnell insiste però il richiamo della storia del marchio con i centri Heritage Service e Heritage Sales che si occupano di restauro e vendita dei modelli storici. Sempre più clienti stranieri si rivolgono a questa sede per la riparazione, la manutenzione e il restauro sia della loro storica che moderna Aston Martin sportiva.

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Creating a deep and lustrous finish has been a fine balance of science, artistry and the pursuit of perfection throughout the 60 years since the production of Aston Martin’s iconic sports cars moved to Newport Pagnell.

While paint technology has been transformed over those decades, the expertise and dedication needed to achieve a flawless finish remains constant. Today, at Aston Martin Works, we nurture the skills, knowledge and desire to achieve a superb finish for every Aston Martin.

Whether you are looking to remove a small blemish or give your prized Aston Martin sports car an entirely new colour, at Aston Martin Works we have at your disposal a dedicated, knowledgeable team of paint and bodywork specialists. Exactly what you expect from the historic home of Aston Martin.

annual Bonhams auction here at Aston Martin Works as, this year, we proudly celebrate our brand’s 60-year association with Newport Pagnell – the historic home of Aston Martin.

The history of Aston Martin seems inextricably linked with this otherwise sleepy corner of Buckinghamshire as, over the last six decades, a procession of the brand’s most iconic sports cars have been produced here. From the earliest DB4 right through to the final Vanquish Ultimate Edition, the craftsmen and women of Newport Pagnell have built

sports cars that, today, command very considerable sums on the rare occasions they change hands.

Today’s UK debut of the new Lagonda Taraf at the very place where the last production Lagonda was manufactured, further underlines that bond between brand and place.

Production of the modern sports cars now takes place in the company’s state-of-the-art factory at Gaydon, in Warwickshire where the most skilled designers, engineers and craftsmen and women create classic Aston Martins of the future.

Here, though, we continue to concern ourselves in no little part with the repair, restoration and sale of classic Aston Martin sports cars through our Heritage Service and Heritage Sales operations. We pride ourselves on the standards of our work, and our service, and believe that the Aston Martin Works stamp continues to provide the ultimate assurance of a car’s quality, authenticity and provenance.

“Welcome to what I’m sure you will agree is an extra-special edition of the annual Bonhams the annual Bonhams Sale here is the highlight of our year, but it has also established itself as a mainstay not only of the global Aston Martin calendar but of the classic sports car collectors’ schedule. This year, as ever, we will see rare and exceptional Aston Martins find new homes with buyers around the world – underlining once again the global significance of this great British sports car company.

There is no denying that with determined new CEO Dr Andy Palmer at the helm, strong investment backing from committed shareholders and a clear roadmap to future success in the shape of the new ‘Second Century’ plan, Aston Martin is perhaps as well placed as it has ever been to grow and develop on the global stage.

Here at Newport Pagnell, too, we are developing our global business, with more and more overseas owners turning to us for the repair, servicing and restoration of both their historic, and modern, Aston Martin sports cars.

With our unrivalled breadth of experience, deep knowledge base

and endless passion for the brand, the Aston Martin Works team is increasingly recognised as the home of Aston Martin heritage. We are continuing to invest, too, in the best people and technology to ensure the business remains at the forefront of the heritage world.

Of course consummate skills of another sort will be on show at the 16th annual Bonhams auction as the parade of exciting sports cars you see documented in this catalogue make their way across ‘the block’ once again. The Bonhams team have become family friends here at Newport Pagnell and we never cease to marvel at their auctioneering prowess.

It bears repeating, then, that today’s auction is something really rather special. If you are lucky enough to attend you will be witness, most likely, to more memorable moments – moments that go to make up the almost impossibly rich and fascinating 102-year history of Aston Martin.

The entire team at Aston Martin Works, and our friends at Bonhams, wish you a fun and enjoyable day that we all hope you will remember with fondness for years to come”.

Paul Spires

Managing Director, Aston Martin Works

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