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Catalogue Now Online: Automobilia, Motos de collection et Automobiles d’exception au Grand Palais – Paris, 4 Feb 2016

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9258515-1-36 (1)From a magnificent Mercedes to a macabre hearse, the exceptionally diverse single-owner Kingsley Curtis Collection will be offered at Bonhams 20 March Goodwood Members’ Meeting sale. 
The collection – comprising 14 motor cars, one carriage and a Victorian hearse – comes from the late Kingsley Curtis, the pioneering chairman of refrigeration company, HRP.
Leading the collection is the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, estimated at £800,000-1,000,000.
“The model featured is a highly sought after, early 1955 example of a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing – chassis number 37,” said Tim Schofield, Bonhams UK Head of Motoring.
“The majority of Gullwings were delivered to the US. To see one in Europe was incredibly rare, making this particular model, only the third delivered to the UK, quite the trailblazer. With its unusual upright wing-like doors, and exceptional German engineering, it would have been quite a rare sight to see.” 9258515-1-30 (1)

Kingsley purchased his first classic car in 1963, following a chance sighting at the White Cross pub in Richmond. It was here that he saw a 1924 Bean 11.9 parked outside, and so profound was his admiration for it, he swiftly purchased the car on the spot, instigating a lifelong passion for classic motor cars.
After taking over HRP from his father, the company founder, Kingsley then moved to Suffolk where he continued to excel in business and his enthusiasm for classic motor cars grew.
“The collection is incredibly diverse, featuring high quality examples of each model, most of which have been in Mr. Curtis’s collection for many years,” said Tim Schofield. “Each car in the collection had a purpose; the 1923 Bentley 3-Litre TT Replica, his favourite car, was used for local touring, the Maserati for long drives, and the Aston Martin as a summer car. We’re delighted to now offer these at auction for the first time.”9258496-3-1
Highlights of the Kingsley Curtis Collection include:
  • 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, estimate £800,000-100,000
  • 1923 Bentley 3-Litre TT Replica, estimate £240,000-280,000
  • 1960 Maserati 3500 GT, estimate £180,000-220,000
  • 1981 Aston Martin V8 Volante, estimate £60,000-80,000
  • 1923 Rolls-Royce 20hp, estimate £32,000-38,000
  • 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, estimate £28,000-35,000
  • 1924 La Buire 12A, estimate £19,000-22,000
  • 1920 Bean 11.9hp, estimate £9,000-12,000
  • 1919 Singer Ten, estimate £9,000-12,000
  • c.1880 Horse Drawn Hearse, estimate £2,000-4,000
Bonhams Members’ Meeting sale will take place at Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, on Sunday 20 March 2016. Entry to Bonhams auction is permitted by catalogue only. To order a catalogue please visit:
For entry to the 74th Goodwood Members’ Meeting please visit:


 They were believed to have been destroyed, but earlier this year, eight long-lost Brough Superior Motorcycles were discovered in a Cornish village. 
Unveiled for the first time in more than 50 years, The Broughs of Bodmin Moor will be offered at Bonhams Sale of Important Collectors’ Motorcycles at Stafford on 24 April 2016.
“This is one of the greatest motorcycle discoveries of recent times,” said Ben Walker, International Director for Bonhams Collectors’ Motorcycle Department. “A lot of mystery surrounds these motorcycles, as very few people knew that they still existed, many believing them to be an urban myth. There was a theory that they still existed somewhere in the West Country, but few knew where, until now.”

“Stored in barns for more than 50 years, the motorcycles were discovered whole, in parts, and some were partially submerged under decades of dust, old machinery parts and household clutter.”

“This is the last known collection of unrestored Brough Superiors; there will not be another opportunity like this. Only eight four-cylinder machines were built, and the example in this collection is the final one to be re-discovered.”
Jonathan Vickers, Bonhams West Country motoring specialist, added, “The discovery of these Brough Motorcycles in Cornwall is historically significant; we’re delighted that these machines will now be offered for sale on an international platform for the first time in more than half a century.”

Brough Superior motorcycles are incredibly rare, powerful machines of the pre-war era. Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, they’re famed as the bike of choice for aficionados such as the playwright George Bernard Shaw, and T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, owner of eight models.
The late-vendor, Mr. Frank Vague, was an avid member of the Brough Superior Club. He acquired the majority of the collection in the early 1960s; they’ve since remained unused for some 50 years.
“There is a strong market for unrestored, highly original motorcycles,” added Ben Walker. “Bonhams regularly achieves world record breaking figures for Brough Superior motorcycles, including unusual projects, which appeal to the enthusiast and collector of the brand. It would be great to see these back on the road, as they are all restorable.”

The motorcycles which form The Broughs of Bodmin Moor’ Collection are:
For further information on Bonhams motorcycle department visit:

Now on the Shop: the Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen ref. 1133


Il nome di Steve McQueen viene universalmente legato al mondo dei motori e con essi ad alcuni orologi ormai culto tra gli appassionati. Come ad esempio l’Heuer Monaco. Tutto è nato durante le riprese del film effettuate nel corso della 24ore di Le Mans del 1970. Per essere meglio credibile nella parte del personaggio che interpretava, Steve ha consultato un suo amico: il pilota svizzero e ambasciatore Heuer e Gulf, Jo Siffert. Su richiesta di McQueen, Siffert ha prestato all’attore la sua tuta bianca che recava la scritta “Heuer” sul petto e i colori Gulf. Per completare il look, McQueen ha scelto di indossare nel film il nuovo Heuer Monaco. Da allora, il modello è stato denominato il “McQueen Monaco”. Purtroppo Siffert morì l’anno successivo durante una gara che celebrava il secondo titolo di Jackie Stewart. L’ultima auto che “Jo” guidò alla 24 ore di Le Mans fu la stessa Porsche 917 LH azzurro arancio sponsorizzata Gulf guidata da Steve nel film Le Mans.copertina

In aggiunta a questa cornice puramente Racing, l’innovativa cassa quadrata fu una svolta radicale rispetto ai quadranti rotondi degli anni ’60. Anche se la produzione è stata interrotta verso la metà degli anni 1970, una replica del Monaco è stata presentata con un nuovo design nel 1998 in risposta alla crescente popolarità di McQueen. Le prime versioni dell’originale furono prodotte con due diverse combinazioni di colori. La prima (rappresentata dalla lettera B sulla referenza) aveva un quadrante blu. La seconda (rappresentato dalla lettera G) aveva un quadrante grigio.FullSizeRender-10

Il modello con quadrante grigio è il meno popolare tra i collezionisti. La referenza 1133 Heuer Monaco fu presentata contemporaneamente a Ginevra e a New York nel 1969. Fu il primo cronografo a micro-carica automatica resitente all acqua. Il nome di McQueen continua ad essere associato con l’orologio. TAG Heuer ha capitalizzato la sua popolarità e utilizza sequenze filmate di McQueen con al polso il Monaco nelle sue campagne pubblicitarie. La presenza tra i collezionisti di un esemplare in ottime condizioni è estremamente rara e quello in vendita nello shop è un prima serie. Cassa a scatto a due pezzi monoblocco con pulsanti a pompa, il quadrante è l’originale “B” con indici al trizio, movimento a carica automatica calibro Buren 11.

For sale on



A rare Rolex double reference version of the Military Submariner, issued to the British Navy in the early 1970s

94609798-1-2A military issue Rolex wristwatch, originally purchased for under £1,000, was recently discovered by the BBC Antiques Roadshow to be worth several times the expected amount, now valued by Bonhams at £50,000-70,000. It is offered at Bonhams Fine Watch Sale, taking place 16 December. 
The vendor was first alerted to the potential value of his Rolex whilst watching an episode of BBC series, the Antiques Roadshow, when he saw a similar watch to his valued at a considerable amount more than he’d anticipated. When the Roadshow came to Lincolnshire in early 2015, the vendor took the watch along to have it valued. He was delighted to find that it was worth a great deal more than originally thought.94609798-1-4
“After the Antiques Roadshow valuation, the vendor was very excited to bring the watch to Bonhams,” said Jonathan Darracott, Bonhams Head of Watches. “It is a rare double reference version of the Military Submariner, issued to the British Navy in the early 1970s.”

The Royal Navy ordered a series of watches from Rolex for use by their specialist personnel. These watches have fixed bar lugs and the hands are of sword shape so they are more legible under low light conditions. The dials are also marked with the “Circle T“, which is the international symbol for Tritium, a treatment the watch received to help the wearer see the hands in the dark.

The case backs are engraved on the interior with the serial number and also on the outside case back with the Ministry of Defence issue number. The wristwatch was shown on BBC Antiques Roadshow on Sunday 8 November at 8pm.
It will be sold at Bonhams Fine Watch Sale, taking place 16 December at 101 New Bond Street.


  • Day one of Bonhams Stafford sale saw the incredible single-owner Lonati Collection of sixty rare motorcycles realise £1,331,535, with 91% of machines sold
  • Indian motorcycles headed the sale, taking 40% of the top ten spots, lead by the 1930 Indian Model 402 Four Motorcycle Combination which smashed its pre-sale estimate, soaring to £97,700, setting a new world record for the model
  • Day two of Bonhams Stafford Sale continues Sunday 18th October
An incredible single-owner collection of sixty rare motorcycles sold for £1.3 million on the first day of Bonhams Stafford Sale.
“We’ve got an incredible selection of rare and exciting machines at the Stafford Sale, kicking off with the astonishing single-owner Lonati Collection, which today realised £1.3 million,” said Ben Walker, International Director for Bonhams Collectors’ Motorcycles. “Indian motorcycles sold well, with the 1930 Indian Model 402 Four Motorcycle Combination smashing its estimate, soaring to £97,700, the top lot – and a new world record – for today’s collection.” Elsewhere from Indian, a 1914 Indian 7hp Big Twin sold for nearly double top estimate, realising £46,000, and the 1905 Indian 2¼ ‘Camel Back’ flew above estimate to achieve £40,250.
“Today’s sale was a resounding success. Bonhams have a long established reputation for successfully handling single-owner collections, with the Italian Lonati Collection Sale further cementing that status,” said Malcolm Barber, Bonhams co-chairman. “We witnessed strong international bidding, with several American clients travelling to the sale, and many European bidders in the audience and on the telephone. We now look forward to tomorrow’s auction, with more than 150 incredible motorcycles still to go under the hammer at Bonhams Stafford Sale.”
Stored in an astonishing private museum of motorcycles, the highly prized Lonati collection celebrates American marques from across pivotal points in motorcycle manufacture. Highlights of the sale include a 1910 Pierce 688cc Four, sold for £63,100, a 1930 Henderson1,301cc Model KJ ‘Streamline’ Four, sold for £49,450, a 1930 Harley-Davidson 1,200cc Model V, sold for £34,500, and the 1911 Flying Merkel 498cc ‘Racing’ Motorcycle, sold for £33,350.
1930 Indian 1,265cc Model 402 Four-cylinder Combination, sold for £97,700
The Lonati Collection began with Tiberio’s son, Francesco, who has a great love for motorcycles. With his enthusiasm for the machines, coupled with knowledge of his father’s likes, Francesco managed to persuade his father to purchase his first motorcycle – a civilianised 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA. This first motorcycle ignited a passion, and soon Mr. Lonati expanded to a vast sixty motorcycle collection, all housed in a private museum at the Santoni factory in Brescia, Italy.
From left: 1910 Pierce 688cc Four sold for £63,100 
Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale takes place 17-18 October at The Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show, Staffordshire County Showground.
For further information on Bonhams motorcycle department visit:

Catalogue Now Online: The Zoute Sale, Knokke-Le Zoute, Belgium

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A Sale of Important
Collectors’ Motor Cars

Friday 9 October 2015
at 6pm

Knokke-Le Zoute, Belgium



Rare and unusual motor cars lead Bonhams inaugural sale at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Concours d’Elegance, with the unique Maserati Boomerang sold for €3.3 million.

The only example of its kind, the Maserati Boomerang was the signature concept car of the 1970s. Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro used geometric shapes and ruler straight lines to create its angular appeal, ensuring the unusual Boomerang emerged from the decade to be one of the great style influences of the motoring industry. After intense bidding in the room and on the telephones, the Boomerang sold for €3,289,500. Elsewhere from Maserati, the 1968 Maserati Mexico 4.7-Litre Coupe sold for €646,300. Named in honour of Cooper-Maserati’s victory in the 1966 Mexican Grand Prix, the Maserati Mexico was unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show to much fanfare.

The motor car offered however is no mere standard Mexico but a bespoke Frua creation, the most attractive of the three one-offs produced in the longstanding relationship between Maserati and car designer Pietro Frua. Retaining the general Mexico lines, but more sharply defined, the Frua Mexico in many ways recalls the Quattroporte. Restored to its initial light green paintwork, with original Bordeaux leather, the Mexico won the Best of Show award at the Maserati 100th Anniversary celebrations, and is the quintessential example of Maseratis Grand Touring excellence.

Further highlights include eight motor cars from the personal collection of French businessman and art collector, Alain Dominique Perrin. Most notable of the collection is a car steeped in French pop music history – the 1977 Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 originally owned by famous French singer and composer, Claude François. Claude, or CloClo to his fans, was one of France’s biggest pop stars, with a legacy that remains today as he continues to be one of the country’s biggest-selling recording artists. Claude famously wrote and composed the original version of My Way, a song made internationally famous by Frank Sinatra. After intense bidding in the room, the 1977 Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 sold for close on €100,000 to a private European buyer.

Philip Kantor, Bonhams European Head of Motor cars, said: “For a sale just in its first year, the Bonhams Chantilly Sale has achieved an excellent result, with a total €7.5 million achieved for the exclusive collection of just 28 cars. “Our first black-tie evening sale, the event was an elegant celebration of beautiful and rare motor cars, one that we hope to continue for years to come.”

James Knight, Bonhams Group Motoring Director added, “This auction is a welcome addition to our series of blue riband sales. We look forward to our sale at the Goodwood Revival next week and the very special single-owner sale in Denmark later this month.” Hosted in the grounds of Château de Chantilly, the Arts & Elegance event debuted in 2014, attracting a crowd of around 10,000 spectators, taking in the delights of the “Concours d’Elegance” competition for modern concept cars, and a superb “Concours d’Etat” for classic cars from around the world. The “Art & Elegance” event also plays host to fine art exhibitions, fashion shows, live music and various lifestyle exhibits, all on the grounds of the magnificent château”.


For further information on Bonhams motoring department, visit:

Catalogue Now Online: The Beaulieu Sale at The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire

The Beaulieu Sale

Collectors’ Motor Cars and Motorcycles Saturday 5 September 2015
The National Motor Museum
Beaulieu, Hampshire

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